I am flawed. I care too much about other people and not enough about myself. I get involved with people who have problems that can’t be solved and put too much of myself in them. I cry when someone else hurts and feel pain when I shouldn’t. I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and cannot find a way to unburden myself. I sink fast and hard and love too much. My heart is too big and my brain cannot keep up with it. I am overly sensitive and that is my flaw to carry.

I am flawed. I prefer brutal honesty to sugar coated frostiness. I say what’s on my mind without giving a damn about the consequences. I tell what I feel and express myself openly. I know who I am and who I won’t be. I am distrustful of others and have a barbwire fence around my heart. Cold water surrounds me and I let it. I am coldhearted and that is my flaw to carry.

I am flawed. I look before I leap. I am afraid to love because of the damage it causes. I am on the constant look out and an uncomfortable in my own skin. Other people scare me because they are too open. I panic easily and think everyone is out to hurt me. I am paranoid and that is my flaw to carry.

I am flawed. I close my eyes and leap. I see myself floating carelessly in the wind without limitations. If you care to find me, just look to the sky. I love openly and without judgment. I dance to the beat of my own drum and move without any restrictions. People think that I am weird and irresponsible. I live my life for me and with no strings attached. I am a free spirit and that is my flaw to carry.

We are flawed. We are flawed because we are all different. Our flaws define us and our realities. Our flaws become us and make us unique. We should not hide our flaws. We should show them proudly. I am a combination of these flaws and they are mine to carry with pride.

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