I Understand Now

I live in such a strange world… I mean there us still many things I’ve failed to understand about life… Or rather comprehend and I’m hoping as I get older… Much older I will learn… To accept these things… Growing up all I did was day dream… I dreamed big… There was something so soothing about being able to escape reality and… Dream… I remember I would sit under my grandma’s pear tree and close my eyes and dream… I dreamed about saving the world… By changing it… Didn’t understand why at such a young age I thought the world needed to be saved… But as I grew older… As I learned to ride a bike fearless… I understood scars… I understood my first heartbreak… I understood loneliness… As I experienced a loss I understood emotions… As I experienced betrayal I understood commitment… As I experienced sickness I understood faith… It’s crazy come to think about it… I was so eager to change the world… As I’m experiencing life I understood the world changed me…. I live in such a strange world…

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