Everyone Hates

I’ma get back to how I use to be.
Keep it real.

Ooh girls.

You know that in your life there is that one b**** that you hate. You loathe her.  You’d love to log on Facebook or some shit and read on her status that she’s having a bad day.

But, you’re like, “Damn, she’s pretty.” “I love her long hair.” “She look real cute in that outfit.”

And you don’t hate her for what assets she possesses! No, that’s just petty and stupid. (Although some girls are like that.)

You can just acknowledge when someone’s pretty. Or when they look good. Right?


But, on the inside you’re like, “Man, for all that pretty, there is some real ugly on the inside. What a fuckin’ waste.”

Don’t deny this girls.
If at this very moment you’re thinking, “I’m not like other girls, I’m not like that, I have better shit to do.”

You’re one of those girls I don’t like.

ALL GIRLS are like this. And not just at one point in their life.

Us girls, can hate someone for a completely different reason then why we find them appealing to the eye.

I’m that girl that doesn’t start shit with the girl I hate. I just hate her, and I’ll think things and say things and get annoyed when she opens her mouth. But, I’ll compliment her when she lookin’ real good.

Some people call that being fake, I call it being civil.

Example: I could hate this girl for something she said to me, or what she did to a friend, or how outrageous she is (in a bad way.).
I could look her up and down and think, “Damnit, I love her shirt. Where she get that? Her hair looks good. God. Fuckit I’ma tell her she looks pretty today.”
But at the end of the day you just hate that bitch.
And chances are, she thinks the same about you.

Now, if you’re on the receiving end of this hatred you could be one of two things.

The bitch everyone hates.

Or the bitch that stood up for herself and now the bitch everyone hates has declared war.

Guess what though?

You’re both fabulous.

If you’re confused about this train of thought.

Think of this.

A girl can think a guy is fuckin’ hot and also think he’s a dick.

Same goes for two girls.


Girl logic.

Keep up. ❤




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One thought on “Everyone Hates

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