Is Love Enough?


Have you ever asked yourself if love is worth it?

Truth is, chances are that you will get hurt. That you will fall hard only to find out that person who was suppose be there, wasn’t there to catch you. You’ll trust someone with your heart only for you to find it broken by the person you gave it to. And more often than not, you’ll find yourself lost and finding more reasons not to trust people throughout this journey to find the one.

So than is love worth it? Than I would tell without any hesitation that love is worth it. That the alterative of being lonely is much worse than allowing yourself to be in a state of vulnerability for that chance to find someone. And no matter how bad a relationship turns out, if they are able to make you believe, for even a second, in the potential of forever and that love does exist in this cold cruel world, than it’s worth it. One day, through fate or coincidence, you find that one person that makes it worth the trouble. You realize that love is worth every tear, broken heart, and scars you have gained a long the way – for it brought you to someone that makes you feel something special and incomparable to anything else this world offers.

I’m truly glad to say that I know love is worth it! Worth all the fights, arguing and disagreements because love always conquers!

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