Where is the Love??

I discuss the many issues concerning the cruel turn the world has taken over time.  The wars of aggression, the infanticide, the famines, the scandals, the lies that kill.  The “humanitarian wars” the elite would like us to believe are for our own good.  With so much evil being exhibited in the world and shown to us through the media, if we are not careful, we can become hateful.  Judgmental and suspicious of everyone around us.  Hateful towards other people.  It is important to take time out to remember to love.  Remember our love experiences.  To express love to one another.  Love should be right here, amongst us.

It is so easy to get caught up in our day to day business of work, school, kids, eat, sleep, and back to work again, that we forget to love one another.  Let us not forget love or regret love.  True love.  Let us not forget to display love and recognize it when we see it exhibited in the world.  Love makes life worth living.  Give a hug, shake a hand, say “thank you,” tell them you love them, show love.  With all that is going on in the world, people need to see love ever so desperately.

The difference between love and hate is the difference between us and the occult elite.  They deny the human ability to love.  They are disgusted by love.  They regret love.  The elite are the very opposite of love.  They hate human beings.  Part of the reason is that they can’t create human beings.  Only the Lord creates human beings.  He created us in His very own image.  Anything the Lord creates, the occult elite despise.  That includes, us.  But we don’t have to be like them.  We can learn how to love.

The Lord is love.  Love is of the Lord.  The occult elite hates the Lord.  The occult elite hates love.  That explains why they hate us.  If you hate love, you will hate the Creator of love.  The irony is, that to hate love is to love to hate.  The occult elite have love for something.  It is just not the Lord.  Or His creation.  That is why they have need to rule and control.  To ensure that hatred has its rule.  For any display of love, true love, might be infectious.  The Lord’s creation may actually love one another.  For if the Lord is love, and we are created in His image, then we are love.  They despise the very idea.  Thus, the racism created to put ethnicities against each other.  Thus, sexism created to put women against men and stifle any real affection of love between the two groups.  Thus, religious wars engineered to put muslim against christian to create a constant divide between them lest they love one another and learn the truth about the Lord, about love.  The occult elite devise ways to stifle love, to drain love, to withhold love.

If they only claimed love, claimed love, claimed love

Maintained love

Instead they drained love, stained love

If they didn’t control love, my soul loves a whole love, like this before

Received the same love

If they didn’t regret love, forget love, say they never met love

If they will love, don’t kill love, just be still love.”

–lyrics to “The Passion” by Lauryn Hill


If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.”  1 Corinthians 13:2.

Many of us have awaken to the truth of the rulers of this world.  Those of us who understand the goings on of this world let us help spread the news to awaken others out of their slumber.  It can be our labor of love to help steer others towards the truth.  Unfortunately, the occult elite find ways to infiltrate the truth movements, whether it is Occupy Wall Street or the Tea Party movement.   I believe these movements began with sincere citizens wanting to take a stand against government bailouts and tyranny.  But it seems the movements were infiltrated by puppets of the occult elite to dilute the true purpose of the agenda.  Nevertheless, let us not stop standing up for what is right and just.

Let us all be careful to not allow the worries of this world to make us bitter or hateful.  We can’t allow them to take away our ability to love.  In the end, evil is the loser.  Love always wins.  Love is where the Spirit of God is.  When we live according to His Spirit, love is where we are, too.

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One thought on “Where is the Love??

  1. Staffan says:

    It’s human nature to live in tribes fighting other tribes. And it has been for all our known existence. But it’s also in our capacity to rise above tribalism. At any rate, I don’t see any reason to assume that this is orchestrated by an “occult elite”.

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