Strange World

I live in such a strange world… I mean there is still so many things I failed to understand about life… Or rather comprehend and I’m hoping as I get older… Much older I’ll learn…. To accept these things… Growing up all I did was day dream… I dreamed big… There was something so soothing about being able to escape reality and… Dream… I remember I would sit under my grandpa’s pear tree and close my eyes and dream… I dreamed about saving the world… By changing it… Didn’t understand why at such a young age I thought the world needed to be saved… But as I grew older… As I learned to ride a bike fearless… I understood scars… As I experienced my first heartbreak… I understood loneliness… As I experienced a loss… I understood emotions… As I experienced betrayal… I understood commitment… As I experienced sickness. I understood faith… As I experienced struggle… I understood success… Its crazy come to think about it… I was so eager to change the world… As I’m experiencing life… I understood the world changed me… I live in such a strange world…

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One thought on “Strange World

  1. Beautiful….we are meant to learn and then get back to those who don’t know. Our experiences set us apart but the story of about those experiences should bring us together. The world will shape us but that shouldn’t stop us from shaping the world. Once you gain clarity…. help others to be clear!!!!

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