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Aren’t we all a fan of music and everything it brings to us, well i sure am, and along with music we got these videos, lovely videos that correlate with the words of a song. Although sometimes we can love a song and hate the video to it we can never forget those amazing videos that leave us surprised and even more in love with our favorite songs. I searched up all of my favorite best produced music videos, and here i am to share with you! i hope you all enjoy, and tell me which music video would you add to this list? and which music video to you love from this list?

Beyonce- Why don’t you love me?

This music VIDEO was directed by Melina Matsoukas. The was filmed in Los Angeles on Mount Olympus.

I love the 60′s appearance of this video, Beyonce’s housewife role mixed with a little bit of vintage bombshell is incomparable to any other music video she has made. She doesn’t let me down with the productions of her music video but this ones top notch, and while watching the video i always question myself why doesn’t he love her!!!!!


Rihanna- We found love 

The music video for “We Found Love” was shot in County Down, Northern Ireland and the New Lodge area of North Belfast. The video was also directed by Melina Matsoukas, she must be awesome!

The sick in love concept this video shows us is the most captivating part of it all. The way Rihanna and her ‘lover’ portray their love in this video makes me almost feel as if I’m her, feeling every bit of emotion, terror, love, confusion, obsession, drug, illusion etc. I say Rihanna gives us a sneak peak of her past relationship with ex boyfriend Chris Brown in this video. what do you think? i am hopelessly in love with the video.

Katy perry- The one that got away

The Video was shot in Calabasas a city in Los Angeles. The video was directed by Floria Sigismondi.

One of the saddest video i have ever watched, yet so fascinating. In this video Katy’s older self is sad with her unfulfilled current love while reminiscing back to her younger happy love. The words of this song combine so profoundly with the video and it is why this video is one of my choices. Haven’t we all had the one that got away?


Jennifer Lopez- I’m gonna be alright

Directed by Dave Meyers and filmed in the Bronx, New York City, where Jennifer Lopez lived her younger years before becoming a star.

If you are a proud new yorker you would also fall in love with this video, or maybe already are. I am from new york, and from the Bronx so this video really caught all of my attention. JLO making a video in the vicinity of her childhood is quite awesome. As said in Wikipedia “It shows a hot summer day in New York through scenes of Lopez doing the laundry, sunbathing, listening to music in a record shop and playing baseball on the streets”, a typical Bronx, new york thing huh?



Fun- We are young

The music video, directed by Marc Klasfeld, was filmed at David Sukonick Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

The name of the group band says more of the video than the actual title to me. Its all about fun! in this video and that’s one of the reasons why i chose it. Parts of the video are shot in slow motion as the band sings and a Riot happens all around them, i found it pretty cool. Flour, confetti, streamers and a disco ball are all part of a FUN video.



Lana del rey- Ride 

Director-Anthony Mandler

The words that Lana expresses at the beginning of the song was mostly why i chose this particular video, however the video fascinates me too. The scenery of the video and Lanas beautiful face captivated me. Take a joy ride as you watch.



Jay-z & Kanye- Otis 

The music video was directed by Spike Jonze and was filmed in Los Angeles.

Not a lot happens in this video but a maybach 57 is involded and jay and kanye and fireworks and a saw and fire and fistpumps and girls… and the slow motion in it does it all. This dynamic duo always wins. love this video!


Frank Ocean- Novacane 

Director Nabil Elderkin.

I loved this video as soon as i watched it because it describes the title so well, the whole meaning of this video is to show how it is to feel numb and perhaps drugged?, frank appears to be taking some type of drug while he hallucinates. We also see things in slow motion probably the way frank is feeling, which also relates to the numbness of novacane.



Lady gaga- Eh, eh (nothing else i can say) 

Directed by Joseph Kahn, in Los Angeles.

A 1950′s inspired video that i truly fell in love with. Gaga says “I wanted to show a different side of myself — perhaps a more domestic girly side. And I wanted to create beautiful, stunning ’50s futuristic fashion imagery that would burn holes in everyone’s brains.” Well theirs holes in my brains already.



Beyonce- Me myself and I 

Johan Renck directed this video.

Beyonce’s me myself and I video its all reversed! notice as you watch the video how everything goes, its the reason why i chose it! However, i just found another version of the video which is the non reverse one, which was the first one beyonce shot, apparently beyonce wasn’t all so content about it and re-did it almost entirely!. What beyonce said about this song/video – “The video and actually the song I wrote it for the ladies because I know sometimes we go through relationships and they don’t work out and we blame the guy or we blame the other girl or we blame ourselves. And we have this inner voice that kind of leads us in the right direction. We can always depend on ourself and the song ‘Me, myself and I’ and I wanted the video to reflect that. I was trying to think of something different, something fresh and new visually to do.” You can find that other one at


Katy Perry- Teenage dream 

Teenage love is in the air in this video, i can feel it as i watch it. Absolutely love it.


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  1. some guy had to broke your heart for you to be going in on guys like that.

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