Listen Instead Of Talking

Have you ever met someone and instantly fell in love with the kind of person they are, or at least who you thought they were? Then come to find out they’re not at all as you made them out to be?

I feel like this is something that happens pretty often. I believe we all have a tendency to listen to ourselves more than we should sometimes. Of course I’m mostly speaking for myself in this situation because it’s something I’ve experienced recently, but I think I’ve learned an important lesson throughout it all:

The greatest lies are the ones we tell ourselves. The mind usually always tells us what we want to hear, and not always what’s real or true. For this reason it’s more important than ever to make conscious decisions and wise choices, and to never make people out to be more than what they are.

Sometimes it’s hard to see people as they truly are because you have the ones that tell you what you want to hear, and the ones that never say exactly what’s on their mind. I think that’s why I’ve grown accustomed to being an observant person. I don’t really listen to what people say, but I watch for the emotion behind their words to tell me how they really feel. Study the matrix of a conversation and listen for more than just words. Usually your gut instinct will do this all for you anyway, and all you have to do is listen to it.

You’re going to run into so many people that don’t express themselves how you wish they would, or tell you exactly how they’re feeling and what’s on their mind. That’s why I feel like it’s important to listen beyond their words. I feel like that’s the only way you’ll ever truly find the answer you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s not always the answer you want to hear, but at least you know who’s truly worth your time and who’s not.

In the end it only saves you from getting hurt…

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One thought on “Listen Instead Of Talking

  1. It’s better to not get hurt is not quite the same thing as ’tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved’ …. It sounds like you’re saying that not listening beyond the words is a failure or weakness.

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