Fitting In

“The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd

…The one who walks alone, is likely to find him/herself in places no one has ever been.”

Quoting none other than my imaginary homey Albert Einstein of course.

If this doesn’t scream in your head then… I don’t know what does. I can never stress it enough, the way I feel about carving your own path and leaving marks of your own.

I always used to be one who compared herself to others,  lost self-esteem and even forced myself to like things I clearly was never initially into. And all that was done for the misleading illusion that is fitting in. But as I think about fitting in, I just try and think about the fact that none of us even know what it means. You know why? Because what is it that we are trying to fit into? What is the norm these days anyway? Who are we trying to impress? And are they just another one trying to fit in attempting to impress someone else? Talk about the old vicious circle. But no, as I sit here today and think about everything that has happened to me in life, I think about the fact that they happened because I allowed myself to step out. Being called odd, being called weird, I’m OK with that. Least that has you talking about me, least that has you uttering my name DANIELA. Heck, you may even hate me, and I totally respect that because man, at times I hate me too. But luckily for me, I’m not living in order to please you and your standards. I am putting my own standards before yours and I hope you do so as well. Because negative energy from those who aren’t close to you don’t even matter. And those who love you for who you are, well they understand you and they’re actually all you’ll ever need. And those friends you made while trying to fit in were originally based off you not being yourself so how in the world are you going to allow yourselves to grow off of a friendship that isn’t even genuine.
I have no regrets today, because we all know that we are who we are today from what we’ve been through, what we’ve experienced and what we’ve learned. So all the silly acts I did for acceptance in the past remain nothing but a funny memory (oh… and a reason why it stays my past and not my present).  It remains subjective. And who I am.. is not subjective. It’s human. I don’t rely my personality upon hype or fashion or what’s “in” at the moment… because I am not a person of the moment. I am a person of LIFE. So while you do… the person of the minute, the hour, I’ll do ME and be the person of the life. You only attract what you are. Charlie Brown told me not to be the leaf if I can be the tree so excuse me as I get my tree-in’ on.
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