I Wish

I wish I can see you one last time… Maybe things would’ve been different… At least so I can tell you how much I love you… Maybe you wouldn’t be so far… Sometimes I pretend you’re on a long vacation somewhere beautiful… Where everything is white and calm… And then I smile… Because I know you’ll be the one to bring color… With your blue worn out jeans and your Italy jersey… Sometimes I like to go to the park and stand on a really high cliff… Watch my city from a far… And I’ll imagine that you’re right next to me… Embracing the beauty of life… I’ll close my eyes and feel the wind touch my skin and it’ll almost feel as if you’re holding my hand… The way you would hold it on those walks to park… I’m scared that my memory will forget you… That time will erase those moments you taught me to play cards… Or those late nights we would go fro ice cream… But my heart could never forget you… You will forever remain part of me… Even if it feels like I’m watching a carnival from miles away… It doesn’t matter… Because I hold on to balloon that started that carnival… I love you forever daddy…

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