You’re Still Worth It

You are perfectly acceptable human being right now, this minute… You are just as valid and any other human being… Without changing a single thing about yourself… That doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to want to grow, evolve or improve yourself… Or that you can’t do better sometimes… It just means that right now this instant, you are worthy of your own self love… Even if it is hard to love yourself sometimes… Or you’re struggling with some really difficult stuff in your life, you still deserve it… So be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and give the best version of yourself that you can give because know that even in the tough times you’re still worth it…

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2 thoughts on “You’re Still Worth It

  1. Joe Owens says:

    Nice, uplifting message for anyone to read as they begin their day. Sometimes the weight of our lives strip away our strength and confidence to the point that we feel we are not worthy of success, much less opportunities to improve ourselves. Thank you for caring enough to brighten another person’s day!

  2. in god eyes i am always worth it.

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