“It’s like farting. If you force it, it’s probably shit.”


Relationships take time to build. Take effort to maintain. And take patience to withstand obstacles. And obviously love has to be present. If you got all this down, then you’re probably in a “REAL-lationship”. It will never, ever be a one person job. It takes two to cha-cha. It takes two to love. Relationships are like social dancing; — you can never do the waltz, alone. Right? You may share the dance floor with other couples or you may be the only ones dancing; but either way you see it, to keep dancing, you’ll need focus. Sure there will be some slippery parts of the dance floor, the dj might change the song, you might forget some steps, and a lot more. But all you have to worry about is how your partner is doing. Is she enjoying? Is she having fun? You guys might commit mistakes, you might have your flaws, what’s important is that both of you are enjoying; — guiding each other, keeping each other comfortable. Time, effort, patience, and love.

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