Dark Clouds

The sun used to shine so bright, so beautifully.
No day existed where the warmth of his rays didn’t engulf me.
So warm, so comforting; it felt so good.
But before too long, the domino effect of his love came crashing down
one after the other.
As his love tumbled, so did I
struggling to hold on because his wrath was just too hot.
My grip was loosened and it wouldn’t be long before it slipped all together.
But why does it have to be like this?
It used to all be so beautiful
Now all that remains is a broken heart on a dark, cloudy day.
Where’s the sun when you need it most?
Lost on a forgotten quest I would say.
As for me, I would never forget.
I would never forget what it feels like to be engulfed by his warmth
and to be receiver of his love.
I could never forget.
The days keep on growing darker, as the sun fails to shine.
But I never forget the bright rays of his love. Ever.
So maybe it’s true to say, my grip has slipped; but it hasn’t really slipped at all.
Because I am still here right? Opposing all other natural forces
My want for the sun will always be there.
I’m cold without his warmth but I haven’t forgotten what it feels like.
The memory is still fresh within the broken bits of artery.
He doesn’t realize that.
So caught up in his own glory
But that’s okay.
Because I know where that path will lead him.
It is certain that if his stance prevails, darker days are inevitable.
But I will be there, I promise to be there to show him the light
like he has to me.
Unknowingly, subconsciously.
He’s my light, my sun, my warmth, my love, my heart.
Nothing will ever change that.
Because I will always remember the days where the sun used to shine so bright, so beautifully.
I will always remember when the days used to feel okay.
And to remember that, I am instantly filled with hope.
Dark, cloudy days don’t last forever.

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