Hidden tears fall from his eyes, invisible, undetectable to those who aren’t really looking. He’s reaching out, but no one is there to grab his hand. No one is there. So much pain he feels inside, its overwhelming. He tries to hide it. And he does this well. With a strong guard up no one would ever know that he is dying inside. His heart, slowly decaying piece by piece. Sooner or later, he will have no heart left. Heartless. His soul is cold, his soul is dead. Who he once was shall never return. The damage has already been done. But all he wanted was love, was that asking for too much? He just wanted to be loved and he wanted love to give out. The right person just never came along. Or maybe they did and he just didn’t realize it. Too blinded. The answer shall forever be unknown. He’ll just continue to find all the wrong answers, take all the wrong turns, open all the wrong doors. He who does not even know himself could never truly know another. How would he? Too caught up in trying not to believe what is reality. Too blinded by false love and admiration. But he has no choice because love is his antidote. Without it, who would he be? But I know what he feels inside. No matter how much he tries to act like he is okay, I know that he’s not actually okay at all. I am the only one he cannot fool. Push me away farther and farther, lies can only be believable for so long. One day he shall have an epiphany and I hope it’s than that he may find all the right answers.

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