Mind of a Writer

I have the mind of a writer.

This is a good thing and a bad thing.

You see, because as certain as we are about most things, and as much as we love exploring concepts, ideas, stories, and people, sometimes we have a tendency to look a little too deep into it all. We’re constantly searching for answers and reasons on everything. We tend to get lost in our own words. Trapped in our own minds if you will…

We simply think too much.

Our minds are so busy that even when we aren’t physically active, our minds are, and those thoughts will run circles around our brain until we find a way to release them through song, paper, conversations, or whatever release method we feel is best. It’s a somewhat tiring process, yet powerfully beautiful.

We know exactly how other people are. We love to notice the small things about everyone around us because it makes for good writing material, and also makes for better experiences.

We’re so good with words that we can make people fall for us in a matter of minutes without really trying.

We’re so good with words that we can even convince ourselves that we’re always right.

We have such a strong commitment to our thoughts that it literally drives us insane sometimes.

That’s why having the mind of a writer is as much a bad thing as it is a good one…

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2 thoughts on “Mind of a Writer

  1. Reblogged this on thewordwit and commented:
    So very true! Exactly the words trapped IN my mINd tonight.

  2. jeremylum88 says:

    Our mind is also a two-edged sword. It can cut both ways!

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