People Frustrate Me!!


Hey there everyone! SO, basically I keep hearing the phrase “it doesn’t bother me” or “I don’t care”. I especially see these phrases on facebook.. what aggravates me though isn’t the presence of such phrases, but more what is either written before or after such words. Most the time, the person that is “not bothered” continues talking about what it is the “doesn’t bother” them and describes their dislike and annoyance towards whatever has occurred. However, by making such a kick about the event, it shows that in fact they are bothered about it. Therefore lying to whoever is unfortunate to have either read/heard or experienced their rant.

Why can’t they just say “look this happened today and it really bothered me because I felt let down or it hurt my feelings or {insert appropriate explanation here}”… You know why? Because in today’s society we see people “not caring” and believe that it means that they are strong, brave individuals. When in reality those individuals are just as scared as anyone else to express their true feelings, in fear of sounding daft or over sensitive. But because we see people holding their feelings in, we then go on to hold ours in and then someone sees us doing it then goes on to hold their feelings in too… the cycle goes on and on!

I tell people if something is bothering me. Don’t get me wrong there are still time when I keep my feelings to myself but that is only because I think that it may cause people unnecessary hurt. But I’m trying to admit when things bothering me and ONE THING THAT BOTHERS ME IS PEOPLE SAYING THEY ARE NOT BOTHERED!

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2 thoughts on “People Frustrate Me!!

  1. nothing tends to exist in isolation and those who do vanish in thin but it only our inherent values that should remain aloof of all distractions

  2. Completely agree! I can’t stand when I ask someone where they want to eat and they reply “I don’t care.” To me, that says they don’t care about going to eat at all so why go at all if they “don’t care”. Not exactly what you were saying, but I feel like it holds some relation to it!

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