Scary Place

Too bad people don’t fall in love at the same pace… At the same time or for the same reasons… And it’s too bad that those emotions don’t move simultaneously… But each bit of madness moved at its own pace.. One not dependent on the pace of anyone else… It wasn’t like tandem skydiving… Where you were connected as you fell… Where you were forced to fall at the same rate and from the same parachute… Falling in love is a solo act… You just jump and hope that your parachute will open… Sometimes, you look up and realize that you were falling by yourself… The object of your desire still on the plane… Not interest in jumping… Just watching you descend into that scary place… Love…

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One thought on “Scary Place

  1. elihuzra says:

    Ouch. I really want to disagree with you but you are right.

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