Have you ever been at a station, a classroom, or in a room filled with strangers and just wondered what other people were thinking about? What is on the mind of that person who is smiling silently to themselves? What’s concerning that person who is in such deep thought that it looks like they’re shutting the outside world out? What is the reason behind the tears and frown of that person you can see from afar?

There are thousands of thoughts that rush through our heads every single day that we keep hidden from everyone else. And we become so self-aware of our own problems and demons that it’s easy to forget that other people face similar things as well – but just keep it to themselves. In a room full of people, we really don’t know anything.

Next time you’re on a train or just walking down the street – chances are you won’t know who is in pain right now because of a broken heart. Chances are you won’t know how many people secretly tempted by death the other day compared to those who are grieving from losing someone. You won’t know which smiles are fake compared to those that are genuine. You won’t know which person is rushing to get home just to take a nap to one that is on the rush to hide from the world. And in the end, you’ll realize how much more there is too people than what meets the eye – that each person has a story that we just don’t know about.

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2 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. sethsnap says:

    Yes. I think like this all the time! Thanks for writing about it. 🙂

  2. elihuzra says:

    I think you can tell sometimes. You can sense people’s urgency or people’s calm. We’re gifted in our perception if we choose to perceive at all. The question is, are we strong enough to let our mouths hang open long enough for us to ask the other person if we can peer into their minds to see what they are thinking about. Imagine that? “You look anxious, stranger, what’s up?”
    🙂 I wonder what people are thinking all-the-time.

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