Run Away

There are times when I just want to escape from everything. To run far away where none of my problems would be able to find me. Haven’t you ever had that feeling before? Where you just want to get in a car and drive without any direction? To leave all your schedules, to leave all your responsibilities, and to leave all the drama behind.

It’s hard not to imagine what it would be like just to leave and feel the weight of the world leave your shoulders and to be truly free from what seems like chains and shackles of the life you’re living. What would it be like to be the one who leaves instead of the person who always gets left behind? I wonder what it would be like to finally find that escape from the person you are; to have the restart to be the person you always wanted to be.

Life gets so difficult at times that it seems so much easier to just forget everything. To find a way out of this unbreakable prison that you unfortunately share with the past that haunts you and where hope of the future has died. Though this is an imaginary concept that will never become a reality, it hard not to dream of that one day you will be able to escape.

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2 thoughts on “Run Away

  1. Clark Kent says:

    Maybe the thoughts that we lost time with to keep the pain in the present need to be the thoughts we should make about leaving it behind to have something else in our lives! I could have swore that is what this post is saying. Redirect the energy of thought to be of what I can have to be happy! Is the unbreakable prison the thought process we can keep and have the ability to break free of? Do you think the past would be upset if I stopped sharing this with it? I wonder if I asked hope to come back cause I broke it off with the past to see if we can give another go of it? And future was in a coma last I heard but it could have a chance if this choice was made? Ya know what if one day I would be able to escape and have an affair with what I dream? Would that be so wrong? What if the past found out? What am I doing sharing what is inside me with the outside world… Shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone I think I can make this plan work? Does anyone see any loop holes here? What the heck was that! Somehow this makes absolute sense! Thanks for the inspiration and the door out of what I was in! 😉

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