The World is Ours!!


Many of us have hopes, dreams, and passions for how we’d like our lives to continue. However, few of us have and use the tools available to us in order to see these ideals manifest in our physical lives. The Earth is here for us to enjoy and we can have all the things we want if we just follow some steps. Theologians call it the law of attraction, atheists call it universal law, and religious affiliates call it faith-based living. Though the title may differ, the concept does not.

The basic message is that whatever you are aiming for, you CAN have it. Your desires are a reflection of you heart which speaks to you and guides you to do everything you were designed to do. Here is how to bring all of your desires into your life.

Be thankful. I began to spend time each morning verbally saying all of the things I’m thankful for. I was telling the universe (the Lord for believers) that I am grateful. This practice began showing me just how blessed a life I live, and things began to shift in my favor. Once the universe (Lord) heard my gratitude, I was blessed with more things to be grateful for!
Talk about what you desire. Things work in mysterious ways. Often the resources we need to attain the things we desire are already a part of our life, but we haven’t told anyone what it is we are working toward. It’s amazing to me how many people that I’ve known for quite some time that had ideas, suggestions, financial resources, and other means that have helped me accomplish a goal once I began speaking about it to other people. It’s difficult to get what you want if no one knows you want it.
Believe that you can have, you will have it, and you do have it. Whatever it is, it’s essential to believe and have faith that the universe (Lord) is kind, wants to see you be the best you ,and will bring you all your desires. This level of trust in the universe (Lord) will affect many areas of your life. I even took steps to begin visualizing me reaching my goals and experiencing the things I desire. I began painting pictures, writing in my journal, and spending time each day imagining my life with the things I am aiming to have incorporated in my life.
Give back. Be a cheerful giver and service those around you. This can take many forms. Some do community service projects, some give offerings to their religious affiliations, some help their family and friends financially and emotionally. There are many ways to give, it’s important that you find a means to give and do it from a cheerful heart. What speaks to you and is important to you is a great place to begin servicing. Those who are blessed to receive are also charged to give back immensely.
Realize that other people are not the problem. For all the things that are in your life that you do NOT like, consider what you did to attract that thing into your life and reverse it. For example, if you are in debt and you spend a lot of time thinking about that debt, reverse your thoughts and begin imagining what life will be like with no financial worries. Spend time thinking positive thoughts and the universe (Lord) will shift things around.
Keep shooting. Continue to aim for things that go beyond the present issues. Begin thinking about how 2014 should look for you, what retirement should look like for you, etc. Never stop aiming for things to grow and become enriched in your life.
Try it out, I can’t wait to see your dreams and passions come to fruition!

Disclaimer: these thoughts are a compilation of thoughts from my research. For more specific guidance on the universal law of attraction, I recommend reading The Secret
by Rhonda Byrne.

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