Love Myself


It’s so hard, sometimes, to accept myself. Me with all my, probably imagined, imperfections. I can have a one-second look in the mirror and go out, go dancing and enjoy the night. But I can also stare, searching for something bad on myself. I’m not developed to who I’m gonna be yet. My style and personality are changing everyday. High-waisted skirt and ripped pants hang beside each other in my closet. Every morning I decide who I want to be that day.

I care too much about others opinions. Skinny girls, who are afraid to stand out, dominate my class. I’m not really an outsider, but I am not one of them either. Not that I want to, oh I confuse myself so much, why do I even care about their opinions? See, that’s how it works in my head. I now I’m not some random girl without brains, I do care about things, I want to learn, want to know more and I want to develop myself.

Right now, everything is changing. My friends have fight, others get a boyfriend and one of them even forget about me because of him. I’m getting to know new people. I’m discovering that old, not-so-good friends are really nice.

Everything is changing each single day. The happenings teach me, guide me and try to help me with my quest. I’m following a bendy road, filled with holes. Trying to find a way to love myself. And I’m on my way now. I’m on my way.

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3 thoughts on “Love Myself

  1. Light Friday says:

    Very well written.. and it’s so true! It’s hard to know who you really are, and be pleased with it 🙂

  2. doriansimaginarium says:

    I completely agree with you. I think we are dynamic people, instead of trying to discover who we really are we should embrace our dynamic personalities. We are capable of entertaining many different characteristics, moods, thoughts, beliefs. We can constantly reinvent ourselves. Some days we might entertain more macabre thoughts, yet on other days we might be floating around like Miss Holly Golightly.

  3. Ritu KT says:

    This is such an honest post. I graduated years ago but i can still identify with you. After all, only change is constant!

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