Unreasonable Standards


Sometimes I feel like the world has put this unreasonable standard on us that we will never be able to attain. We put an impossible expectation on ourselves to live up to what society describes perfection or beauty. And sadly, sometimes the pressure to become something we’re not comes from our family, our friends, and those people we desperately wished noticed or loved us. The person we see everyday in the mirror becomes a disappointment as our self-esteem gets torn apart leading to a depression. We find ourselves in the midst of a war against the demons in our heads telling us we will never be good enough as it shames us with our ‘flaws’.

A wall of a thousand compliments gets easily broken by just one person pointing out our insecurities. We begin to believe that nothing will ever be good enough as the voices in our heads echo that “you’re too fat”, ”you’re too skinny”, ”you’re too ugly”, “you’re not smart enough”, “you’re too boring”, “you’re too insecure”, “you’re too much or too little of anything” leading to our own conclusion that we’re not wanted and just not worth a damn.

We become our worse enemies as we become obsessed comparing ourselves with others. Disappointed that we don’t look like those people in magazines, have talent like those people in the Olympics, or adored like celebrities. The worse part of it all, is that we miss and forget the qualities that makes us amazing. How we may have traits that people wish they had when comparing themselves to others. And we become so focused on this unreasonable standards, we miss the fact that we could already good enough the way we are.

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