Elementary School Tragedy!!!

Today a tragedy occurred. Eighteen children dead. Eight adults dead. The deadliest school shooting in our history. God bless those teachers who put those children’s lives above their own. The only saving grace is that these kids are so young, they have no idea how serious something like this is. This is a sick sick world. God be with us.

I will say this, there is always a reason for why people do the things they do. Doesn’t make it right but there’s always a reason. I believe there should be psychiatric tests given before someone can even register to have a gun. What’s even more sick is that the gunman’s mother was a teacher at the school and that he was only 24!! That’s my age!!! The gunman killed his own mother and father. Wow!!! There is a reason behind why he did this and why it happened!! They say the gunman focused his gunfire on only one classroom. What else needs to happen for America to wake the hell up?? How many more lives need to be lost??

People love to ignore the signs. There are ALWAYS signs when something isn’t right. Pay attention, you could save a life!!! Precious children. Children who know nothing about the sickness of the world but are full of life and love were taken away from the world today. I just keep imagining that teacher who yanked that boy in the hall by his collar and dragged him under her desk while the shooter entered the hallway. Teachers put there lives on the line today to save their student. My heart goes out to the 1st grade teacher who was killed trying to protect more kids. These stories are just too much. Watching these reporters on TV trying to hold it together and fight back the tears from this tragedy is truly heart breaking.

This gunman killed his mother. father and another family member a few miles away from the school. So much violence. No love. No peace. It’s sad we have to have a tragedy like this to even talk about gun control in our country. And once this tragedy settles the conversation stops. Hug your children, grandchildren, niece, nephew, little brother and sisters. Ask questions. Pay attention. Open your eyes. Evil does exist. But no one is born evil, don’t be so crass. It’s a product of environment and situational causes. Nothing is promised. Literally every parents nightmare happened today. You send your child to school to learn and someone selfish takes their life instead. I can’t help but think about all those parents who have to endure the holidays without their precious gifts; their children.

We don’t have all the answers. Some things we will never be able to comprehend. The hardest thing to do is ask why and not have the response. If you kill everyone in your immediate family something had to have happened in your life, either past or present. I would hate to have been the detectives and policemen to walk in that elementary school and see those babies. Because in all reality that’s what they were, innocent little babies. This is NOT a race issue. This is an issue about someone not paying attention to this sick man and what he was dealing with. What’s even more sick is that the gunman actually taught at the school as a teacher in the prior years.

“Not even children learning thier ABCs are safe”

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2 thoughts on “Elementary School Tragedy!!!

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    These incidents are so hard to understand. How can anyone want to shoot kids in a kindergarten class beats my cruelest imagination

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