Lay Next To You

I want to be able to lay next to you… Not just you and me next to each other on a bed… In a room… No… I actually want to lay with you… By your side… As me and you stare to the cieling… As the cars pass by… As time runs away with every breathe we let go of… And it won’t be just laying down… It’ll be us appreciating each others presence… An unexplainable, undeniable connection between you and I… And we don’t even have to speak… I mean just having you there will make the world seem like such a beautiful place to live in… And if we do decide to speak, let’s make it weird… Lets share the things we’re to embarrassed to express… Our four am fantasies… Our sexual desires… Lets share the secrets that make us who we are… And if we lean over and kiss… Lets not just kiss… Lets get to our most vulnerable stage and give in and not feel the need to protect our hearts… Lets not just brush lips like ordinary people kiss… And if we decide to lean a little bit closer and touch each other… Lets make it magical… Lets not just make our skin hold hands… Lets make them lock and protect one another… Better yet, lets join in one… So we’ll know exactly where to touch… Where to engrave our sexual sins… Where we can sexually heal our pain… Where we can make love… Make love to life’s thorns… Lets stop time… I want to be able to lay next to you…

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