Give Me Some

All I hear now is he wants me to give him some “Becky” for those of you that haven’t heard this song by plies, this is just a cute way for a man to say he wants a blow job! Laughs! And I call Blow Bubbles in it Charlie when a man pleasure a woman orally between your legs…Got it? Good! Okay lets talk…
First of all let me say this I wouldn’t encourage anyone to go around sucking Charlies like their blow pops…I mean really that’s nasty. Yet, I’m just saying its okay to try something new with your husband or long-term mate. I know some females that hate the fact “Becky” was ever mentioned. Stop gagging in your thoughts! Your partner should not want you to feel uncomfortable with anything just to please themselves that’s just selfish and not wanting to please your mate can also be a form of selfishness.
I say this if she wasn’t doing it before you guys got married or in a long-term relationship , then guess what, game over you can’t make it a requirement now! Ladies if you was sucking him blue to get him hooked and then decided now you got him you are not going to even sniff the Charlie guess what…your going to have problems!!! Its sorta like when they start out sending you roses and after you say I love you…they don’t send you shit again…*winks* Yeah that pisses us off right?
Married women…this will have to be a blog all by itself…this is your husband! There shouldn’t be an inch of his body you haven’t explored. Love that man pleasure him…make his toes curl…whatever- don’t let the neighbor do it! I know some of you are saying go ahead let them because I aint putting my mouth on his nasty Charlie! Shaking my head, it’s not nasty if you rinse if off! Laughs!

Men, oh my Men! I must say I’m not a big fan on just plain oh head…but Blow Bubbles in it Charlie can be a plus at times…I mean put your finger in it, blow on it, taste it and pleasure me…I just rather you be upfront and say I don’t know what I’m doing before you attempt this trick…Women hate it when you don’t know what you are doing and mostly when you can’t follow directions. Honestly speaking, I think it’s some women who are just as aggressive about making this a requirement as the men are! Ladies every man don’t eat kitty litter! HA! I see you saying they don’t? Why? Looking like Curious George…You guys are too funny!
Well I must go now…and no I’m not going to give some “BECKY”!

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