Masturbation Is Ok!!!

There’s a myth that if you’re giving a woman the ‘good tings’ (colloquial slang for REALLY pleasing intercourse) then she will have no need or desire to masturbate. Wrong.

See – quick and painless, like pulling off a beeswax strip from your labia is how such news should be given. Men, take note:

The act of masturbation is not a substitute for lack of sex, whether in quality or quantity. It should be an exploration of oneself. The more a woman knows her body and what it likes the MORE THINGS she will be willing to try to reach those heights (ie with YOU). A woman who is comfortable and confident with her orgasm will be freer in mind and ultimately with her partner in bed.

You want to know how to get her to act out that scene from the DVD with you? Encourage her exploration… Most women would love to be confident enough to take control in sex, and most men would revel in the experience of being ‘seen’ to by a woman, but fear of doing it wrong stands in the way.

No need to feel inadequate when she licks her fore and middle fingers before soaking her clitoris in her own saliva. If you’re lucky enough to be present when she is doing this, my friend get ready for the fuck of your life when she is done. Kick back and suck on a titty if you’re feeling left out but god whatever you do don’t question what she is doing!

If you’re relationship with her exploration
is still in the early stages, and the only thing you actually witness first hand is the changing of sheets or her wrinkled finger tips fret not. These are VERY good signs. If your woman is able to make herself climax to the point of wrinkled fingertips she’s learnt to embrace her orgasm (over and over and over again…)

If you’re not following, let me paint you a picture. When you were little, playing in the bath pretending to be a superhero fighting baddies underwater? Your mum would be shouting at your for an hour telling you to get out and when you finally did obey all of your toes and fingers would be wrinkled up like prunes. Awwww fond memories right? Now swap bath for bed and batman figure for 8ins rubber vibrator and instead of pretending to be a superhero she is imagining you sucking on her pussy so good that sweet warm juices are just flowing all over her fingers. How long do you reckon a pussy would have to be played with for your fingers wrinkle up?


Wham. Bam. Thank you ma’am. Moral of my story? Share the experience, don’t be in a made up competition with your partner. It’s like your dick being jealous when your tongue is in between her thighs. We’re all on the same team. I promise.

Embrace the O girls, you’ll live longer!

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