To what, you might ask? Oh, as it turns out, a lot of things.

Actually, there are not many things I am NOT addicted to. I never realized I am so far into the spiral of addictions up until tonight. And it’s not something in particular that triggered this thought, just a random realization on my life.

These are the things I cannot go a day (or maybe a bit more) without. Well I could, but I would become a really cranky person.

I am addicted to coffee. I drink it in any possible way – mostly espressos, but also cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, or my own special makings. I start the day with a 3-espresso moka. If I don’t drink coffee I become sleepy, cranky, worthless, I just can’t function properly anymore. I think I have been addicted to coffee in a serious way ever since this September, but it has been an on-and-off thing for a year now.

I am addicted to sex. In the sense that, when I am without sex for too long (and for me too long is like A MONTH) I get so hard up it’s not even funny. I just got out of my car and saw the neighbor – this skinny boy, kinda tall, not particularly attractive. Well, he still managed to turn me on. Ugh. It’s only been 20 days now. I shouldn’t have rescheduled on toy-boy. Anyway, it’s been 20 days. You know the 7-second-rule, that guys think about sex every 7 seconds? I think that’s a bit too much. For me I’d say it’s about 11.

I am addicted to tv shows, in an insane way. I turn tv shows on all the time: when I clean my room, when I get dressed, when I put makeup on, when I am about to go to sleep. It’s just a thing I do. I need my favorite tv show in the background. I guess sometimes I just can’t be left alone with my brain.

I am addicted to cigarettes. Damn this is the hardest one to admit. I thought I would never get addicted to those damn things. They are bad, bad, bad for you. The rest of the addictions, I can deal with. Too much coffee can get you hyper, mess up your heart, but usually doesn’t kill you. Sex, well if safe, it’s a sane kind of exercise that keeps me fit. Tv shows, whatever, they become a nice conversational subject with friends. But cigarettes… those things kill you. It all started during the last exam week, they took the stress away, “just for this week” I thought. They never left. It’s not too many, just one or two a day – but still, I wish I never started.

I think that’s it. Luckily, I am not addicted to any drugs, nor to shopping, or many other expensive and harmful things. And what are you addicted to?

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  1. Thanks for following my blog and in turn, introducing me to yours. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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