Gay or Straight?

I was reading this book Huslin’ Divas and this character in the book only like sexing his girl in her butt and it made me think…hmmm

If I am dealing with a dude and all he ever want is to pump me in my ass, I’m going to question his manhood, I’m sorry! First off no offense but Serenity is not even going to allow you in her booty. I don’t knock it for the brave ones that take it up the butt, I just can’t! **ouch** sounds painful for real.

So my question is to you guys is this—–Should a man be questioned if all he likes is anal sex? And besides it being tighter why do men like this type of sex? This shit is nasty (for a straight man to find so much pleasure in this) and I don’t care how you look at it but just maybe someone can enlighten me on this…maybe I’m missing something.

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One thought on “Gay or Straight?

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