Perfection Isn’t Real

You’re never going to find a person without a past… Or regrets… I mean why would you… Every fall we’ve experienced… Every mistake that’s crossed our heart has molded us to who we are today… Doesn’t make any of us less worthy… It makes us human… Wise ones… With a past we’ve over came… Towards a future we’ve worked hard for… Perfection is real… I want real… I want your flaws and all… Scars still bleeding… We can heal them together… Life isn’t meant to be easy… It’s meant to be liven…

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3 thoughts on “Perfection Isn’t Real

  1. Great post and oh so very true!

  2. And many finance jobs, from bank tellers to bond traders, are being replaced by computers.Goldman Sachs Group Inc,, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse Group AG, UBS AG and Barclays PLC are among the major banks that plan to cut thousands of jobs, following disappointing earnings reports.

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