Deal Breakers

What are your deal breakers? I’ll go first 🙂
  • having no ambition
I would never break up with someone because they lost their job. I would never NOT date anyone because they don’t have A job. However, I will shoot you the deuces if you aren’t going anywhere in life and there are no evident signs that you even want to do better. To me, that translates into laziness. Even the most lamest of lames have goals and if a guy has NONE that he is working towards, I can’t fool with him. If you start out appearing to have ambition and you lose it along the way, I’m out. Sounds mean but some guys bounce if their chick gains 2 lbs. This is FAR more serious than a 2 lb weight gain.
  • being a horrible liar
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I am sure you are well aware of my stance on liars. I despise them, especially those who lie about stupid shat. As I have gotten older, my tolerance for liars has shifted. If you put some creative spin on a lie and can master manipulating and mindf*cking someone, I still think you might be a douchebag but it tells me you have a skill. In the business world, this is an appreciated attribute. Just don’t try to use it on me. Horrible liars don’t retrace their steps properly, end up causing FAR more damage than telling the truth would have and just irritate the hell out of me. Being lied to without finesse is insulting to me. If you’re gonna lie, at least get me to believe it, jackass.
  • trying to change me
NEWSFLASH: I will NEVER change for you.
I am a firm believer in “take me as I am”. If you don’t like something about me, it’s ok. I’m not in the least bit offended. Everything isn’t for everybody. However, don’t try to play me like you’re all enthralled with all things Syn and then when you have me trapped in a “relationship”, want to sit down and have a talk. Talk about what? The answer is NO. Yes, before you can even get anything out…if it has to do with something that was the same when you decided you wanted more than a friendship, that becomes YOUR problem. If I decide to  change, it will ALWAYS be on my terms. Is that unfair? No, because I accepted you and I have NEVER dated ANYONE who was perfect. He might have thought so in his mind but he probably is STILL sadly mistaken.
  • whining
Just something about a man who whines…does absolutely nothing for me but make me want to smack him in the face with a belt, Pooty Tang style. My mother’s side of the family has whining BAD and most of the women have little girl voices so imagine how irritating that is. My dad NEVER gave us anything if we whined for it. Sometimes I think that was his way of feeling some sense of comfort about punishing someone for whining, since he couldn’t punish my mom. I have grown to hate it as much as him. Seriously though, I feel it isn’t masculine at all and I might try to rearrange your voicebox in your sleep if you think it’s cool to whine. In order to stay out of jail, I’ll just tell you “this isn’t working”. You don’t have to be in the hospital and I don’t have to be incarcerated. It works for both of us.
But enough about me…what are YOUR deal breakers? 🙂
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