Scattered Thoughts


I don’t believe we’re meant to be happy all the time. Well I do, but I believe that sometimes it takes a bad situation to realize how good happiness really is, and how good it makes you feel. I mean would you really know how to experience happiness without sadness? I don’t think anything we go through is a mistake, but is always life’s special way of communicating with us. Reminding us what’s important and what isn’t. Guiding us to what we really want in life…

Why the world seems to work that way? I don’t really know…but I can say that the best moments I’ve experienced have always happened after learning from a mistake I’ve made.

I’m always trying to figure life out and why certain things happen the way that they do. The unknown has always fascinated me, but ultimately I can’t even say that I’ve got life all figured out. No mind, not even my own, can really understand how the Universe works or even attempt to explain it, because essentially the Universe is greater than the mind. Words are limiting in trying to describe something so magnificent…

I’ll just end this post here.

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