From The Heart….


We put ourselves out there… I mean we literally risk everything we’ve ever learned as kids… We talk to strangers… And we kiss even when we’re not ready… We crush on boys that steal our lunch… We don’t keep secrets even if its out own…. We become rebels… We break every rule we’ve ever been taught… We become teacher of the world… But as crazy as it sounds… It’s all worth it… Because even if things don’t last forever… Even if things don’t go the way you want… Those moments… Those seconds of unconditional happiness and unbreakable love… They’re all worth it… Every millisecond of that moment is worth it… Because when you’re 80… Sitting on the front porch of your dream house with your soulmate you won’t remember the moments you did everything correct… No… You’ll remember those moments you broke the rules and faced the world fearless… You’ll remember those moments where the unexpected happened… So really… Even if our moments don’t last forever… Right now… At this moment I don’t care… Because I only need the right now… I need those moments to make me feel alive… To make me feel young… Like if my world suddenly stopped… As if you and I were on a “Merry Go Round”… And we took over the world… Those moments… Those moments are the highlight if my journey… Every wrong, dumb, stupid decision I’ve made… And if we’re lucky… When we get to our destination.. We’ll meet each other… At the end of the road… With all our moments to share…

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One thought on “From The Heart….

  1. Clark Kent says:

    We were long ago where you are now.. we just couldn’t figure it out.. It took something deep inside of self reflection for us to be together now we are inseparable. Sometimes in the depth of what we feel for the other we can’t see it in ourselves to melt the pieces that are supposed to fit together. It can happen… you can be 80 years old and sitting on the porch knowing.. knowing that you are with the One!

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