Life Sometimes

Here’s the thing I could never get over you… If I wanted to I could… But deep down inside I don’t want to… Because I like you a lot… And I like the way you make me feel when we’re not arguing or whatever those moments of madness are… And deep down inside I still have hope… On us… That one day we’ll be together… I could get over you… But I lie to myself and say I rather have you as a friend than to not have you at all… That’s a really big lie… Because when I see you… I don’t just see you as a friend… I see a guy I’ve spoke to two years ago still has the ability to make me nervous when I see him… See I could get over you… But there’s this other lie I keep telling myself… It’s funny actually… I say why not? Why not be there for you… Why not just have you there while the other guy that’s supposed to sweep me off of my feet comes along… That’s about the worse lie I tell myself… Because no one is ever going to want to take me serious with this huge baggage I walk around with about the guy I terribly like but doesn’t like me back… So… Here’s the thing… I could get over you… If I really wanted to… Because I know all the things I’m doing not to get over you… And I know this makes me seem really stupid… But I rather be stupid then to pretend I know what I’m doing… Or what I should do… Because I don’t… All I know is that… I don’t want to get over you… Not yet…

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