Forgive Me…

Lately my life has been filled with anxiety. I’m constantly feeling on edge with everything.

I think I just need time to really find myself, discover exactly what it is that I want and reevaluate some of the decisions in life that I’ve made so far. Right now, I honestly feel like I don’t have the right people around me and that could have a lot to do with why I feel the way I feel right now. I want people around me that actually want to be around me.

So I don’t know. Forgive me for not blogging as much.

I’ve been very involved in my work lately aside from my current life struggles. My work is actually like my escape from it all, so I’ve been a little more involved than normal.

Better days will come. I look forward to them, as always.

This blog post was a little all over the place.

Again, forgive me…

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2 thoughts on “Forgive Me…

  1. No forgiveness required. I’m glad you are optimistic even when you’ve been anxious for a while. I look forward to your next post.

  2. Brighter days will come but yes agreed…the company you keep definitely make a world of a difference….change is always imminent. Be sure 2 keep in touch.

    Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

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