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It’s a known fact that ever since we were old enough to watch and understand Disney movies, every little girl began waiting for her prince charming. So what does that even mean? Are we waiting for Noah to write to us for 365 days to confess his unconditional love? Or for Landon to stick up for us in front of the lunchroom? Or maybe we’re waiting for Neil to show up in our kitchen doing the dishes.

We’d like to think that when we meet our prince charming we’ll know it. And he’ll be perfect. And we’ll live happily ever after. But that’s impossible. No guy is perfect and no relationship is perfect. So instead of waiting for our perfect prince charming who has the same chances of walking into our lives as a unicorn, maybe everyone’s prince charming is different. Maybe your prince charming is the guy who always forgets your anniversary, but stayed with you during a personal struggle. Or maybe he’s the guy who can’t even spell “romance,” but watches your favorite chick flick with you over and over again without complaining. Maybe he’s the guy who doesn’t plan a single date, but he accepts your quirks and loves you more because of them.

Aladdin lied to Jasmine about his true identity and was a homeless fugitive with a pet monkey, but he showed her a whole new world. The Beast was an angry, abusive monster, but let his walls down for Belle. Even Disney’s prince charmings weren’t perfect.

So maybe when we stop waiting for the perfect prince charming and accept that our prince is going to be flawed, we’ll find him.

Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions?

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