Video: What is Love?

What is Love? That’s a question that nobody really knows the true answer to. Most people tend to think that Love, in its simplest form is a magical sensation that happens when Mr. and Mrs. Right meet and come together. People nowadays believe that it is mostly a physical attraction, where one just can’t keep their eyes off of that one person. Then there are people who take the more fairy tale approach, and believe that you can love more than one person, but can only be “in love” with that one certain person, and that everyone has that one person out there just for them.

This is how people approach relationships these days. They believe that love, in it’s own, is a sensation that is based merely off of physical and emotional attraction. They believe that it can happen out of nowhere, generate at anytime and anywhere, when Mr. and Mrs. Right appears. Just as easily as it begins, it can spontaneously degenerate when that “magic” just isn’t there anymore. Simply put- You can fall in Love, and out of Love.

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One thought on “Video: What is Love?

  1. Clark Kent says:

    If one falls in love with themselves… why would they ever elect to fall out of love? Once they have done this wouldn’t they simply be able to share the love they have within them and never make anyone responsible for their love? Wouldn’t this love be pure and true as it is something inside you that you can give out?

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