24 Years

I will never be exactly where I think I’ll be in life, and it took me almost 24 years and a thousand failed attempts to realize that until now.

I don’t mean this in a pessimistic sense of feeling sorry for myself, or as an oath to feeling defeated in my attempts at accomplishing my goals. But more so as an utter realization that change is constant, and it’s always gonna happen. What I may want so desperately today may not be the same thing I so desperately want tomorrow.

I realized that life is never about reaching a destination and has more to do with the endless journeys we take to what makes us happy at the moment.

You’re never going to reach a point in your life where you can finally stop learning and never have to make another mistake again. But this isn’t a bad thing. It’s good so long as you view it that way. Everything around us, from plants, to animals, to our very own solar system, are constantly changing. It’s just how life is. It’s a part of our own existence.

Get used to the idea of always striving to be better than you were yesterday, and fully enjoying your journey through life, no matter what obstacles in life you may be faced with.

They’re there to help you succeed believe it or not.

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One thought on “24 Years

  1. Thought I was the only one feeling this way. Thanks for sharing

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