Is It Us?

We are raised in a society where we believe we are somehow superior to most, if not all, countries. That our values, our beliefs, our traditions, our philosophy, our democracy is all better than any other theories created by other countries. We even discriminate against people in our own country. Skin color (not as bad today-yet still somewhat apparent), sexual orientation, class/wealth, style, mental disorders, etc. We all seem to think we are right and everyone different in any way is wrong. Hardly anyone tries to see opposing perspectives, tackle counterarguments, and prove that they are 100% right under every circumstance. You know why no one tries? Because we are fairly confident that we are, in fact, wrong. We know that there is a slim possibility that something, if not everything, we are saying and believing is wrong. If you want to build your credibility and prove your point, prove it by addressing the opposing perspective and still maintaining that your argument is stronger and more correct. No one is entirely correct and no one is entirely incorrect. You think you’re right (and by you I include myself in this too, I’m not attacking as person specifically, I truly believe everyone is like this in some way) and everyone else is wrong, but what if it is really the exact opposite. What happens when you figure out that you are the wrong one and maybe everyone else is right? We think Europeans drive on the wrong side of the road and it’s weird to not look people in the eyes, and it’s weird to talk in a different language. Don’t you think those Europeans think we drive on the wrong side of the road? Don’t you think those Indians (from India) think it’s weird for women to look people in the eye? Don’t you think Spanish speakers think it’s weird to speak English? We are not always right, they are not always wrong, and everyone should acquire the opposing perspective.

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One thought on “Is It Us?

  1. Somehow,I always stop when I read India/Indian anywhere(I’m an Indian)..and I don’t know how you came to the conclusion but even I(and everyone i know) think it’s weird not to maintain eye contact while talking…however,I think the thought behind the post is really’s all about perspectives,well said 🙂

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