Fight Fire

I flirt with fire to feel alive… the bleakness of my mind attempts to take over my soul.. longing once more for the light I felt my heart yearns for the next chance.. the dampness that spots my face so often its ran lines that trace to the cage that encases the barely breathing organ that once kept tune of me and you… broken and jaded I’ve pieced it back together many times over.. hope and faith gingerly hold my love together, never to give up for surely I’d be done ever if I see that day… fighting a fools battle searching for a losers gold, cynics judge and snap, but deep inside me I keep the map… look thru the windows that shine to my soul.. go where no man will dare to go… hold my hand as we step across the depths with no end, by my side continue to stand.. foster the love that we all seek, but in my hand your touch I’ll keep…

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