Some Things Never Change

My story seems broken, a bit misconstrued. That is just the way it is, my building and my view. Life has changed and I blissfully follow a path of my choosing free like a sparrow. Love has hurt me and taught me so much. Lust has given even more than enough, knowledge and experience. Time and seasons, wasted for reasons: yet to be learned. So much lost and nothing earned.
Same game as always, new players new faces. The rules still apply for you… and i live with none, care concern regards just for fun. While you so stoic and true, your yearning drives you on. We both are broken, just in different ways. The difference is tho, this I can say. You fight so hard to prove a thought, I run so fast never to be caught. Lessons I learn from every bad choice, lessons you teach with no remorse. The same yet so different we are… Miles and years are what keep us apart.
Love is not enough, so many times this was said. Love is not enough… A line now that is read. I knew I could disprove this painful myth, love is not enough, funny thing to me ‘it still is’

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