They way you make me feel is too surreal. Never once have we touched or kissed yet your mind and heart I can’t help but miss. Mother Nature in all her glory, paramount adventures make up your story. Your struggles are real and your pain I felt, you shuffled your cards and changed the hand you were dealt. No cashing out or giving in. Fully embracing your life of sin. Judge not for you too shall be judged love until you cant give more love. Popular despite the humble air. Living day to day with no stress or care. Searching and defining your own joy my heart in your pocket like a discarded toy. The attraction is genuine because I know your soul. Or at least the part you chose to show. So little time we never got the chance, yet when we speak I still do a dance. My insides warm and I can’t help but smile, sadly tho separation is more than just a few miles. I long to see your happy gait walk through the landing place. Touch your cheek and brush back your bangs, hold you and talk like nothing’s changed. So much I would love to say, but that’s not here.. Guess some other day. For now I take our small exchanges our brief hello and have a great day. You’re in a land of splendid wonder, heat storms full of sun and thunder. Love you are amazing for sure, my heart aches and you’re the cure. But this you don’t know, not sure if you will. So for now I sit back plan smile and chill

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