Begin Again

No one cares about schooling anymore.. Only what you can do for.. Him or her or them.. All that is seen are attributes of a beauty queen.. No imperfections until the mouth begins to move.. Once held a voice that soothed, now eyes that cry and a heart that can’t lie; fill the corpse that yearns for more.. Touch and feelings so real they are known.. A stable place of rest, just a temporary home.. Exhale the base grasp the alto.. The air thins when you cease to win. Fighting a war that’s been done before, proof and encouragement that this time idly spent will mean more than one could know.. Words hold the value assigned at that moment and time.. Nothing greater than before.. Nothing less than then.. The journey never ends.. Things fall as they may, creating and building a way.. To go here there too fro.. Wanting it all but nothing more.. Than what is earned and yearned for..fighting and winning makes the juice that much sweeter.. just handing the prize, in my eyes, is just bitter and harsh.. Overcome and win.. Begin again..

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