Looking At You

the blinds are drawn the candles lit. the covers pulled back to the edge where i sit.. my room is blessed with peace and darkness as the fire illuminates spaces of time that were felt too long ago.. i lay in the bed, silk pillow to rest my head, tshirt (yours ofcourse) slouches around my waist.. the covers draped to my hips.. i exhale a sigh of bitter sweet emotion as i read the last words you sent to me.. the picture i have shall do.. i run my hand along the side of the bed where you should be here holding me, falling asleep in your embrace face to face.. talking abt the days that past yet to come, so many dreamscapes that arise just from looking into your eyes.. miles and hours separate us, not sure when i shall feel your touch run the length of my cheek to gently cup my chin and bring me in for a soft peck.. that little kiss that drives me wild inside i contain my arousement and hug you.. i hold you for you are tangible yet not able to be held in place. my mind drifts back to the last time i saw you, slept next to you, received a blessing from your lips to my forehead.. simple shyt i miss.. movies fruit popcorn a solid ass blanket is all i want. you with me on the beach, hand in hand we walk and talk and immortalize our thoughts.. for now tho i caress the side of the bed and visualize you in my head.. images that get me thru are you looking at me looking at you…

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One thought on “Looking At You

  1. Christopher Shawbell says:

    As I expected after reding your “about.” I love a piece that brings me to take a breath and covet it; to hold, hold, hold that feeling close. But, alas, we must all exhale.
    I experienced a strong, proud young woman with her man, of the same ilk, off to war. Hands caressing the bed where he should be … wonderful, Heybedda.


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