Pieces Will Fit

Sometimes when you talk, I just need you to listen. When I speak I just need you to hear. There are things that must be said, things underlying and carried with dread. I can’t go on feeling as though I’m dead.
It’s not impossible nor the end, I just can’t go on in this life of pretend. You love me so you say, but I’m growing distant more each day. I tried to do the things you want, love is something that can’t be taught. Love for you I have but not the way I should have had.
Emotional blocks and walls I’ve built, acres of pain and distant I’ve tilled. A life for me is what I’ve chose, a world alone is what I know.
Conversations and letters pass the words, as much as I speak they have yet to be heard
Belief and trust must be earned, but all my attempts you continuously shun
I can’t offer the life you want cuz I’m not that girl,
I can’t be who you want and give you the world.
I can only be me, perfectly imperfect.
When this is enough the pieces will then fit.

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2 thoughts on “Pieces Will Fit

  1. Another winner post from you. You seem to capture feelings and turn them into words.

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