It Was All A Dream

Laying in bed with the sheets touching our bare skin… The silk traces my silhouette so elegantly… The arch in by back emphasized dramatically as you lay with my hands wandering up your thighs… The yellow of my skin is contrasted starkly with the shadows that spy from the corners of the room.. The places the soft glowing lamp do not reach… Humming gently, playing a soft melodic tune, the radio keeps time with my heart beat… Rolling to the side that stays vacant we toss around the queen size playground… Enjoying the moment yet yearning for more… Sounds dim out as the beat speeds up… Images so bright and distorted flash behind lids closed tightly… Grasping and gasping for yet another minute of pleasure a small whoosh of air escapes the soft lips that once were kissed… Too soon the feelings felt, to fast the excitement came, to real to be a dream yet I wake up blinking one in the same… Turning to look at the digital read 1:45 am… I pull the blanket tight around me to block the chill of the fan, close my eyes and pray for that feeling once again…

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