Stupid Excuse

the truth of the matter is im complicated… this is not reason enough.. this is just a stupid excuse.. i am harsh and rude and careless with peoples thoughts.. i intentionally cause pain and seek out to ruin others lives.. i do not know how to love or what real love is.. all i do is search out to destroy anyone who i affiliate with chances at real happiness.. doomed from the start a queen is not what i am.. why love me as such.. why try.. why twist your fate to accomadate me.. i am broken beyond repair i am too low to deserve the love you are so quick to give.. i ruin all i touch.. stand clear i am a mess.. baggage laden and misused i am not to be trusted please dont confuse my words w sincerity dont think for once this is what i want.. im probably just lying for how can i know what i want when i dont know myself.. love is what i desire but im just a liar.. a whore a slut a bitch.. what ever gets you thru the night.. call me that.. its not like i have any self respect why should you care if i dont..

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