No Value

My words hold no value anymore, can’t heal a wound that I directly caused. They could paint a picture of peace and happiness but in the world I’ve created they mean nothing. My actions have ruined futures untold, my words destroyed possiblities unearthed my insecurities crushed dreams yet attained and all thts left is confusion and pain. Friendships become more loves become less all this being viewed from a broken whiskey glass. There is no future with a past such as mine, nothing can heal these scars not even time. Things are done and actions spent. If there were an eraser id go far back to when we first met. You say you should have left months ago, packed and forgot it all.. but you stayed because of love and the idea we were one. Tht idea was real this was not an act , so many lies have been told but I’m happy you never packed. The chance to be one again is an unfathomable wish but god above knows my heart. He may be the only one who believes me now, and this fate I accept but to lose you is something I do regret.. my life and love, my yesterday and tomorrow, my heart and soul.. twinge w remorse. This is not how it was supposed to be

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