The Pain

the pain and passion that courses thru my veins takes over my sanity.. the desire i have and thirst for success encompasses my very being.. failure is not an option in the book that i write.. change the course, change the crew.. i will do what i must to come out on top. those that i have surrounded myself with in the past have shown their colors and true intentions.. time for mingling has past as well as the bullshyt that i have spent.. getting to know one another for the simple pleasantries of socialistic expectations.. being kind and sugar coating the real deal is no longer polite.. its a waste and a drain.. the ppl that run in the circle i am used to bore me annoy me kill me.. please.. i look over the literature that has been written between you and i, i feel your words and see your dreams.. SHYT is what it all is.. an actress you should be.. those times alone that were spent were never meant or felt or real as i am.. hope ambitions loves desires.. FULL OF SHYT is the past that we have had.. the interactions the meetings the plans the goals.. LIES are what your words now amount to.. there are things in life i have never experienced according to you, time has shown me that it was no fault of my own.. i just ran in a large crowd populated by fake ppl, the sad thing is not only do you know them but you too became one of them.. the memories that once brought me to tears and damn near depression are now the fuel for my all out aggression toward achieving my success and happiness that is duly mine.. you were never more than a deviation off course.. a simple waste of time..

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