All For A Reason

Everyday at 2:31 exactly, the suns rays shine through my window and stay for about 10 minutes, then they leave with the rest of the Earth’s rotation.

This is something I try and wait for everyday, just to see if maybe one day it’ll be a minute off or something, yet still, everyday at 2:31 it continues to reveal itself to me.

It reminds me of how precise existence is. How there is never a mistake when it comes to mother nature, and it is all meant to happen.

It also leads me to believe that we’re all here on this planet for a reason, and we were all meant to happen.

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4 thoughts on “All For A Reason

  1. And a big Amen to that! Great post!

  2. cgparkin says:

    So simple a focus, yet a powerful image. Great post!

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