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Why Work Hard Anymore?

Society emphasizes the importance of working hard, but that doesn’t mean we should work long hours into exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

Because ultimately what are we working so hard for? I mean really ask yourself, because usually it’s for another reason other than what we think the reason is.

Is it for acceptance? Power? Wealth? True Happiness? It could even be all of these things…

Well guess what. You don’t have to work so hard to find that. All you have to do is look within yourself because you already possess all it is that you’re searching for.

You gotta take the time to discover the essence and the beauty of yourself, because we’re all very beautiful. I’m not speaking in terms of physical appearances at all. I’m not even speaking in terms of humans because I still believe we’re greater than that even. There’s just this magic about us all that leads me to believe we’re greater than how society portrays us to be, especially beyond the way that we look.

I don’t believe that we’re meant to work for money and slave for our right to live comfortably. We’re just stuck in that perception because we’re controlled by people that wanna keep us at a lower vibration: our very own government.

Just think beyond our government for a minute. Think beyond cars, electronics, businesses, city buildings, money, college, political views, anything material and typical. Now think about nature. Picture a serene environment with animals, a lake or mountain, a field of flowers, plants, insects, the sun setting in a pink colored sky behind huge clouds. Now picture you in that environment. That is life. That is the Universe’s creation, and you’re a part of it.

Think about how our bodies are. How we don’t ever have to think about blinking or transferring cells or pumping blood to certain organs. Our body just naturally does that on its own, and our minds have nothing to do with it at all. That’s just our natural instinct and it is what the Universe gave to us. It’s amazing.

Most even believe that the way we perceive things is actually only what we think we see, and that there really is no physical matter here on Earth at all. Just energy vibrating at very high levels, so we perceive them to be solid objects. We even have energy within us. We control our lives through the thoughts that we think and through our feelings and the Universe gives back to us whatever energy we send out to it. A basic law of energy is that like attracts like, whether it be positive or negative, so we’re actually more in control of our lives than we think. We just have to become aware of it.

I used to be scared for thinking this way only because I didn’t know many others that could relate. I was always scared of being viewed as weird or crazy, but then I feel like I was lead to people that felt the same and shared the same views on life as myself. I mean, it’s really not even some spiritual belief or incomprehensible subject. It’s just a deeper look into everything and a deeper realization about life beyond a typical view.

I could be wrong, but it’s what I believe in.

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Looks Aren’t Everything!!

In relationships we focus so much on appearances. Appearing to be the perfect couple to our spectators… the perfect significant other to your partner… We’re caught up in saying the right thing or doing the right thing – but what if the “right” thing is a stark comparison to who you are; contradictory to what your heart is feeling and to that for which your soul is yearning?

You’re afraid that the other person will no longer feel you’re the perfect match or that you don’t love them the same way they love you. Afraid that those on the outside peering into your window won’t understand or find you to be unworthy of the other person.

So you choose to be silent. You choose to fit the mold. You choose to be uncomfortable for what you think might benefit you in the long run.

Is keeping up the appearance worth losing sight of or altering who you are at the core? After all, the other person is in a relationship with you for… you… right?

Saying what you need to say just might be what that other person needed to hear. It may save their life. It might inspire change. It could encourage them to speak their own truth. On the other hand, saying what you need to say might be the very thing that causes that person to walk out of your life… and that’s okay. It’s okay because it allows them to walk away with who they are still in tact and they leave you to be who you are for someone else who needs you to be you.

There should be no fear, no shame in being the greatest thing you could ever be and the one thing no one else in this world could ever be even if they tried… you.

“You’d better know that in the end/It’s better to say too much/Than never say what you need to say again/Even if your hands are shaking/And your faith is broken/Even as the eyes are closing/Do it with a heart wide open.”

-John Mayer, “Say”

So say what you need to say. Say it with love, with an open heart, with an open mind… but also with an open ear. None of us would truly be able to say what we needed to say if no one was there to listen. All of that talking really would just be a bunch of noise…

-Love & Light… CB Radio

So, what about you?

What have you been afraid to say? What have you regretted not saying? What have you said that you felt went unheard? What do you wish a loved one would have said?

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Women Today

I often discuss the state of men, but recent events and conversations have lead me to pay attention to what’s going on with women. Relationships that work do so because both parties can work together. Relationships that don’t work have issues on many tiers and both people involved contribute to the dysfunction. Since 50% of American marriages end in divorce, it is worth looking at some variances with women.

Here are some examples of what I’ve heard about and noticed lately.

Ms. Independent

Now, do not mistake independence for an issue, it’s not. Just going on definition alone, adults who are not dependent on another are smiled upon financially. So an independent woman just means she does not financially need another adult to ensure her care. However, in the social realm, Ms. Independent has taken on some height and control that she is not necessarily warranted. For example, she needs to have a voice in every decision down to the last detail. You can’t even go on a decent date because she needs to choose how she’s picked up (if she doesn’t like your car, she’ll meet you there), where you’ll go, what you eat, how you transition, etc. She makes it known that she doesn’t need you for anything, just in case you didn’t already know, and she holds herself much higher than her colleagues would. The thing is, Ms. Independent has had a dream deferred. In her younger years, she dreamed of what her adult life should be. She’d go to college, gain her degree, launch a well-paying career, meet her Prince Charming, get married to her Prince and have little princes and princesses, live in a fancy middle to high class neighborhood, drive a luxury vehicle, and have spa days and brunches with the girls every other weekend. Yes, she had it all planned, even the wedding dress, colors, rings, and flower arrangements. However, life has happened and she worked hard to build her career, but that’s the only thing working. Since her timeline is off and life has thrown her a loop, she’s actually suffering from an internal emotional conflict. She no longer believes in the happily ever after, but she wants to. Dealing with this conflict distracts her from everything in her life except her career. So her Ms. Independent, “I don’t need any man” attitude really means “Dear God, could you please send me a man to satisfy my needs!” She’s actually desperate to have a man in her life, but has lost how to be woman enough to attract the right man.

Ms. Sex Kitten

Yea, the men love her, if only but for a moment. I mean, she’s needy as hell and men love that. They gravitate to her absolutely needing them to get through even the most basic things in life. She’s cute or even beautiful. She goes to work, makes her own money, but doesn’t always have the most common sense. She’s not dumb by any stretch of the imagination, but her logic is a bit different than many others. She enjoys life to the fullest. She parties hard, loves easily, dates a lot of men, and sexes most of them even though she’d never tell anyone her business. See, many women despise her because she’s naturally found her woman hood and almost every many can sense it. She enjoys the simplest elements of life, doesn’t need to control any situation, and goes with the flow almost all the time. She flirts without knowing it and draws lots of attention with no effort. However, she grows old and is still single. It baffles me as to why, but then it dawned on me. She doesn’t require anything from men. She allows them to take total and complete control of each and every relationship until she gets 3 years down the road and realizes she is unhappy. She’s lost her voice. Even the men she really wanted to marry, she would brush the topic off when he asked her about it. So he began to think that she didn’t want marriage or even a solid relationship. All play and no voice leads to nothing. She needs some balance.

Mistress of Distress

Now this woman is always having issues. It’s like, you begin to wonder how much of it is real and how much isn’t. However, her constant emotional and often physical ailments put her in a position to literally need a man in her life because all other loved ones have grown tired of caring for her multiple issues. Thing about it is, this lady has probably had multiple marriages and may currently be married. She is an average woman, works, has her own financially, and has a huge heart. She ultimately has a lot to give to a husband and a family if she could just get to a place where she is mentally, emotionally, and physically stable. Thing is, men already come to the table with varied emotions and even more varied methods of really dealing with those emotions. To combine this with an unstable woman, one would think would be a recipe for disaster, but is not always necessarily the case.

In reviewing these cases, I realize that successful relationships don’t discriminate between financially successful versus unsuccessful adults. The variances are generally embedded in the characters who operate the relationship. Regardless of class, attitude determines the success rate of a relationship.

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Own This Love


My kind of love is a strong kind of love:

A giving, and freeing, and hot kind of love.

No one can love like I love;

It’s full of passion and fire,

It’s a gentle kind of love,

warming you in the winter and cooling you in the summer

one of a kind, kind of love.

Like a tall glass of lemonade and a hot cup of tea.

A hot tub after a long day,

A foot massage behind 3 inch heels kind of love.

This love is full of laughter and giggles like the first day of school;

It’s an exciting, inticing, and biting kind of love.

It catches you in the middle of the day,

Brings a smile to your face,

Taking over your brain kind of love.

No one can love like I love,

I share this love and hold this love,

I embrace, trace, and face this love.

It’s mine and his and ours and theirs,

We own this love.

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The World is Ours!!


Many of us have hopes, dreams, and passions for how we’d like our lives to continue. However, few of us have and use the tools available to us in order to see these ideals manifest in our physical lives. The Earth is here for us to enjoy and we can have all the things we want if we just follow some steps. Theologians call it the law of attraction, atheists call it universal law, and religious affiliates call it faith-based living. Though the title may differ, the concept does not.

The basic message is that whatever you are aiming for, you CAN have it. Your desires are a reflection of you heart which speaks to you and guides you to do everything you were designed to do. Here is how to bring all of your desires into your life.

Be thankful. I began to spend time each morning verbally saying all of the things I’m thankful for. I was telling the universe (the Lord for believers) that I am grateful. This practice began showing me just how blessed a life I live, and things began to shift in my favor. Once the universe (Lord) heard my gratitude, I was blessed with more things to be grateful for!
Talk about what you desire. Things work in mysterious ways. Often the resources we need to attain the things we desire are already a part of our life, but we haven’t told anyone what it is we are working toward. It’s amazing to me how many people that I’ve known for quite some time that had ideas, suggestions, financial resources, and other means that have helped me accomplish a goal once I began speaking about it to other people. It’s difficult to get what you want if no one knows you want it.
Believe that you can have, you will have it, and you do have it. Whatever it is, it’s essential to believe and have faith that the universe (Lord) is kind, wants to see you be the best you ,and will bring you all your desires. This level of trust in the universe (Lord) will affect many areas of your life. I even took steps to begin visualizing me reaching my goals and experiencing the things I desire. I began painting pictures, writing in my journal, and spending time each day imagining my life with the things I am aiming to have incorporated in my life.
Give back. Be a cheerful giver and service those around you. This can take many forms. Some do community service projects, some give offerings to their religious affiliations, some help their family and friends financially and emotionally. There are many ways to give, it’s important that you find a means to give and do it from a cheerful heart. What speaks to you and is important to you is a great place to begin servicing. Those who are blessed to receive are also charged to give back immensely.
Realize that other people are not the problem. For all the things that are in your life that you do NOT like, consider what you did to attract that thing into your life and reverse it. For example, if you are in debt and you spend a lot of time thinking about that debt, reverse your thoughts and begin imagining what life will be like with no financial worries. Spend time thinking positive thoughts and the universe (Lord) will shift things around.
Keep shooting. Continue to aim for things that go beyond the present issues. Begin thinking about how 2014 should look for you, what retirement should look like for you, etc. Never stop aiming for things to grow and become enriched in your life.
Try it out, I can’t wait to see your dreams and passions come to fruition!

Disclaimer: these thoughts are a compilation of thoughts from my research. For more specific guidance on the universal law of attraction, I recommend reading The Secret
by Rhonda Byrne.

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Biggest Fear


One of my biggest fears as I grow much older is…
Realizing that time does tear people apart…
That distance does matter…
And it’ll hurt…
Losing that one friend to another state…
Or a brother to a new girlfriend…
It’ll hurt to realize time is not always on your side…
And that a certain distance is sometimes to far way to reach…
One of my biggest fears as I grow much older is…
Realizing that time does tear people apart…
That the heart fails to compromise, that memories fade and…
Love dies…
My biggest fear of all is…
Fearing life itself…
I rather take time…
And walk the distance…
And love, countless of times…
Love a new love always…
Because in the end…
It’s the journey that matters…
Not the destination…

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Past Few Days…

The past few days for me were particularly frustrating because I wasn’t getting the things I wanted when I wanted them. It brought me to the point of tears, but in the midst of me crying uncontrollably I stopped and just tried to get myself together for a minute. I asked myself why I’ve allowed myself to get this worked up over something just because it didn’t go my way? I realized that I was placing too much of my emotions behind having these external things, that when I didn’t get them, it felt like I didn’t get my happiness either, and it should never have to be that way. If I was truly happy and content with myself, I wouldn’t feel the need to have these things so badly. The utter thought of that made me realize that I didn’t wanna be that person. I didn’t wanna rely on anything else to determine my happiness but me.

A lot of times, we go looking for external things to keep us happy and satisfied, when really we should be looking internally. Realizing exactly what it is about us that makes ourselves happy.
Because if we don’t, we’ll be forever searching for external things to fill that void, but realize it’ll only last for the moment. Lifelong happiness takes a lot of soul searching within ourselves and learning to really love ourselves. It’s when you learn to distinguish your wants from your needs.

You don’t need other people around to make you happy. You don’t need the newest iPhone to make you happy. You don’t need to be in a relationship with someone to be happy. You may want these things, and you should allow them to happen only if they enhance your happiness, but what’s most important and what you should focus on most is not needing these things to be happy.

I think the most important thing you can learn in life is how to love yourself. Realize that nothing lasts forever. Things come and go, feelings come and go, experiences come and go. But the one thing you’ll always have, is you. You’re gonna be with your thoughts forever and they can make you or break you, all depending on what you think. Enjoy every single moment while you have it, but don’t dwell on it when it leaves…

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Together Forever


Today is one of those days I don’t know where I’m going and what I’m doing…But the only thing I do know is that right now all I want is to be with you…To be beside you…For the rest of my life…I have no idea what will happen, but it doesn’t matter…Because every day that goes by makes me miss you even more…Sometimes it feels like that there’s no one else in this world…Only you and me…You’re still here and as long as you’re here I still have hope…I wish you could hear my thoughts…I act in a certain way just because…Because I feel something…Waiting for something to happen…And I’m not rushing nor running, but I’m still in hurry because I’m afraid that my time is running out…I wish you could hear me, I wish you could feel the way I feel…I just wanna be with you…You’re so close yet so far…I could get anyone I want (well not anyone but almost), but all I want is you…But I don’t know if you’re worth it or if I’m worthy of your love…For such a long time I have asked for something for you, and now I’m asking something for me…Something for us…I feel that big things are going to happen very soon…I don’t know why but that’s the way I feel…Soon…I just hope it’s not for the worse…I just don’t know…Sometimes your day begins great and then someone comes along and destroys everything and at the end of the day when you’re all pissed off, someone else comes and lights up your day again…Life is a roller coaster ride…But at times I feel too much is happening at once…I’ve become so busy that I have forgotten how it feels like breathing…Before it was all I did, day in and day out…Just breathing and doing nothing, no plans, no future, because I didn’t know what would happen…Even now I don’t know what will happen, but at least I’ve got something to fight for…You…Right now I’m living and fighting for you without knowing if it’s worth it…But it doesn’t really matter since things happen for a reason…One thing will lead to another…If we are not meant to be, it will probably lead me to something anyway…My love for you keeps me alive…My love for you gives me the strength to carry on, to fight…To live…My dream…I’m living for my dream, because my dream is you…I just wish I had opened my eyes even earlier…I was ready to sell my soul to the devil just to be with you…I just want to be with you…I want you to be the one I see first when I open my eyes in the morning and I want you to be the last one I see when I close my eyes in the evening before falling asleep…It hurts so bad when I think that things might not go the way I planned and that I might do something stupid I’d regret…I’m not a little kid anymore, I’m not a lovesick teenager anymore, yet I’m still blinded by love and overwhelmed by all the feelings I have for you…I have no idea where all this will lead me…But a lot of good stuff has come out of it ever since I fell in love with you…I got my act together and I made most of my dreams come true just in few months, things I had planned and dreamt about all my life, for so many years…And one day just like that…I fell in love with you and everything felt right…Goals that I thought I’d never achieve…I did achieve…Within days, weeks, months…Things I had dreamt about in years and thought would never come true…And it’s all because of you…The effect you have on me…People look up to me now…But it doesn’t matter to me…All that matters is you…What you’ll feel for me…I just hope that it wouldn’t only be in my head…And that you wouldn’t break my heart…Because I don’t know if I could take it again…There are so many things to think about…Right now I’m fighting for the rights of people that hate me, people that don’t care, people that have treated me bad…But I’m trying to do the right thing…I’m doing them favors, I’m trying to help…And I have no idea why…They mean nothing to me, they are nobody to me, they try to hurt me and bring me down…Yet I help them…I live but I don’t feel alive…I’m awake but I feel like I am asleep…I want to shut this world out…I try to help but I don’t expect anything in return…I help people who insult me, torture me, hurt me, make my life hell and I don’t expect anything in return…But a little gratitude once in a while from some that actually appreciate what I do lights up my day…It makes me feel good…It’s a part of life…Right now I live for others, because I can’t live for myself…I can’t be where I wanna be, with people I want to be with…Right now I have to suffer in order to see the sunshine after the rain…It’s not really raining much in my life right now, but there’s not much sun either…It’s rather cold and windy and I still have to cry myself to sleep every night…But this time it’s not because someone is trying to make my life hell…It’s because you’re not with me…Something is going to happen…And some things shouldn’t…Please, pretty please, let it not happen…The thing I fear the most…At the moment at least…And if it does happen anyway…I will not go through with it…But it will make some people hate me…Not that I would care because we’re not on the same side anyway…But it wouldn’t feel good to have people somewhere in the world that wish you dead, want you to suffer or kill you the first chance they get…I know they wouldn’t forgive me if I’d leave…If I’d run away…I know that they know that I want to run away but they don’t believe that I have enough guts to do it…But I do and they would be shocked…But the time is not right…Not just yet…But that’s all I wanna do right now, just leave it all behind…Just go and run away, because I don’t belong here…Because all I can think about is you and being away from you hurts so much…I want to listen to your heartbeats, I want to hear you breathe, I want to love you for the rest of my life…When I think about you I feel like I’m in heaven…You make me so happy and sad at the same time…Happy whenever I think about you and sad when I get back to reality and you’re not here with me…Sometimes I wish I was a bird so I could fly to you…Together forever…

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That Kind Of Love

You see I want that my friends think I’m crazy kind of love. That reckless kind of love.. That wake up early make you breakfast kind of love.. That crack open my life and say look ‘you got to see this’ kind of love.. Forget the shallow stuff I want the deepest kind of love. That I want to stay up late tell you all my secrets kind of love That every time I see you I fall to pieces kind of love.. That I want to stay up late tell you all my secrets kind of love. That every time I see you I fall to pieces kind of love.. I want that stand next to me kind of love, you are my destiny kind of love.. That no matter what happens you always get the best of me kind of love.. That you get my heart and my mind this world gets the rest of me kind of love.. That invest in me kind of love.. I want love I want you to bite my lips until I can no longer speak.. And then suck my ex-boyfriends name out of my mouth just to make sure that he never comes up in our conversations…

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To Be Loved

Everyone wants to be loved for who they truly are. Even I’m guilty of this. But I mean who are we really.. Everyday we grow.. And we change.. We surprise ourselves with things we didn’t know was within us… It’s funny if you actually think about it… We never truly know ourselves… We’re given mirrors for a clearer picture.. Pencils for a better story… Music for a better dance.. But never another life.. This is who we are.. Everyday… Growing.. Like trees.. And each branch is just another journey… Every leaf is just another fallen memory… We’re walking contractions… I think everyday when we go to sleep we die.. And wake up the next day with new goals.. A new story to tell.. A new us.. Everyone wants to be loved for who they truly are.. But no one wants to love themselves for who they think they are… Even I’m guilty of this…

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